Thursday, April 29, 2010

Voicethread - Jane Lofton

This was a terrific session and really inspired me. I've already used voicethread in an assignment with my 7th grade Social Studies class, and several students have asked to use it for other assignments as well. I posted a picture of a medieval scene with the assignment prompt. I adapted an assignment from the text book in which the students, as serfs, composed a request to the lord for better living and working conditions. The students recorded their responses. Students either created their own accounts on voicethread (if they were 13 years old), used an account their parents created, or recorded on another student's account. Each identified him/herself by first name. Serf's Appeal to a Noble
Another option for student internet identity that Jane uses is to create a screen name. That would probably be a good idea for the school, or even the district; have students develop a screen name at the beginning of their internet use that travels with them through their schooling years. That would definitely save repeated set-up time in the long run.

To learn more about using voicethread read Joyce Valenza’s blog.
Voice thread is a tool for having conversations around media

one part, audio comments and conversations a second piece
upload image, video or documents then record or type comments

Recording; mic or webcam, call on phone, type, upload recorded sound

can use 1 screen or multiple slides
can have just outgoing or can allow comments (options, EDIT, publishing options)
blue backgrounds on ‘BROWSE’ are tutorials
portfolios – can or photograph work then record comments
can embed in blog and keep out of voicethread browse
doodle feature to focus on what you’re saying in the image
can cut off comments at a certain time OR start by not showing for first round of entries then allow to view others

student must have an account – use set screen name?
set up your account then they are an ‘identity’ on your account – limited to one computer
parents set up family account and give the students an identity – still get permission
ed.voicethread option which is more secure – limited to ed.voicethread subscriber ($10 for educator but $1 per student)

read poem over chose image, 7th haiku, preamble, soliloquy from literature, book review, book talk, announcement / ad (can upload / link to webpage) (can see picture with eye contact but read a script – can upload video)
post an assignment and students record response
test review: If you were to write 3 test questions what would they be? What are the answers?
political cartoons – students respond to cartoon and to each other Many Voices on Darfur
cartoon - start of school year
post family photo and comment

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